White Garden Pergola

Before you build your DIY aluminium pergola, read the top tips our team of experts has gathered over the years to help make the process even easier.

Tip number 1 – Decide what accessories you’d like

An important thing to consider before you place your DIY pergola order is what accessories you would like with it. When you choose Broadview, you have the chance to enhance your pergola even further and ensure you can use it all year round by including built in heaters, lighting and roller screens with your order.

Tip number 2 – Think about what you want to use your pergola for

Aluminium pergolas can be used in any number of ways, from creating the perfect BBQ area, al-fresco dining room, sunbathing spot or cover for a hot tub. Think carefully about how you want to use the space the pergola will create so you can ensure it’s big enough to transform your dreams into reality.

Tip number 3 – Double check if you need planning permission

While most pergola installations don’t require planning permission, it’s always worth double checking with your local council, especially if you want to attached the pergola to a building or you live in a conservation area.  

Tip number 4 – Ensure you have all the parts

Is there anything more frustrating than getting halfway through a DIY build only to realise you’re missing an essential screw? To avoid this maddening situation, lay out all the parts and tick them off an inventory before you start.

Tip number 5 – Have all the tools you need to hand

The last thing you want when erecting your pergola is to be stood on a wobbly ladder, holding a heavy metal pole and realising you need the screwdriver that’s in the shed. This is why we highly recommend ensuring all the tools you’ll need to build your pergola are within easy reach.

Tip number 6 – Enlist the help of a building buddy

While the DIY pergolas from Broadview are easy to install, you will more than likely need someone to help. Whether that’s someone to hand you tools or to hold the leg supports in place, having at least one other person there will help make the entire process even easier. And once you’re done, you can both enjoy a celebratory tipple in your new pergola.

Tip number 7 – Measure your space before you buy

Now this one may seem obvious, but it’s essential you measure out the space where you want your new aluminium pergola to go before you place the order. Use chalk or markers and string to mark out where the four corner posts will go. This will not only make sure there’s enough room for the pergola, but that any furniture you want to place under it will fit.

If you’d like further information about our DIY pergolas, get in touch with Broadview today on 0845 450 0435.