Broadview is a partner of Brustor - Europe’s leading aluminium pergola manufacturer. We bring their beautiful DIY pergola kits to the UK market. Stylishly designed and stunningly executed, Brustor’s aluminium pergola kits are suitable for self-installation. And what’s more, they come with optional extras like roller screens, LED lights, and heaters to help you create the ultimate patio and garden shaded area. 

Aluminium Pergola Kit shown attached to a house with table and chairs
DIY pergola kit shown at night with lighting

Explore our pergola kits

Our aluminium pergola kits come in a range of sizes and two colour options – White or Anthracite Grey. Below, are our most popular DIY pergola kits, ranging from small 3m squared kits to long, narrow 6m x 3.5m kits. Click through to learn more and price up your extras. Once you’ve created your perfect aluminium pergola kit, give the Broadview team a call to place your order.  

  1. 3m x 3m aluminium pergola kit
  2. 3.96m x 3.5m aluminium pergola kit
  3. 5.95m x 4.5m aluminium pergola kit
  4. 6.04m x 3.5m aluminium pergola kit

Or, explore our full product range and all of our available dimensions.

Building your pergola kit 

We’ve made it as simple as possible for you to make your aluminium pergola. In addition to the detailed instructions and tool advice that come with your kit, Brustor have put together this simple step-by-step guide for further assistance.

If you prefer watching instructions, there’s also a whole host of videos to guide you through building your pergola. Prefer some over-the-phone help? If you’re stuck, the Broadview team will be happy to talk you through any road blocks.

Benefits of choosing a DIY pergola kit 

Not sure whether a DIY aluminium pergola is the right choice for you? Discover why thousands of people have chosen to purchase a pergola kit through Broadview.

Hugely versatile

From hot tub areas to bar areas, our customers have purchased a DIY aluminium pergola kit for a huge array of purposes. If you’re looking for some inspiration on how to use your pergola, especially when it comes to hosting drinks, we’ve put together this guide to creating a perfect garden bar.

Easy to install 

All of the aluminium pergola kits we sell come with easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions. There is plenty of extra guidance available if you get stuck. If you’re not sure on whether you’ll be able to install your pergola yourself, read about a recent customer’s installation experience.


All of Brustor’s aluminium pergolas are premium products. Add the product cost to installation costs and the price of your pergola starts to creep up. Aluminium pergola kits are a cost-effective alternative to having a pergola installed, and you still benefit from the exceptional Brustor quality.

Broadview - The UK's leading supplier of DIY aluminium pergolas

For over 50 years, Broadview has been a leading supplier of DIY aluminium pergola kits and other outdoor living solutions. Our DIY pergola kits give you the chance to maximise your outdoor space without the cost of installation!

To discuss our range of aluminium DIY pergola kits, please get in touch with our friendly team today on 0845 450 0435.