6.04m x 3.5m Brustor Aluminium Pergola
4 x 3.5m metres
Delivery Time 2 - 3 Weeks
B150 Aluminium Pergola 6.04m x 3.5m in Grey

6.04m x 3.5m Brustor Aluminium Pergola

Create a perfect shaded area in your garden with our simple and easy to build pergola. This is the largest in our pergola range, making it an ideal covering for a luxurious outdoor dining area that will become the talking point of your home. Customise with heating and lights, to create an inviting winter garden hideaway.

  • Customisable with heating, lights and roller screens
  • Attractive, modern design
  • Available in white and grey
  • Manufactured by Brustor
  • Delivery in 7 weeks
Price from £11,486.00 Inc. VAT
Build your Pergola in 4 Steps
It’s never been easier!

Now you have decided on the size of your DIY pergola, you need to select the colour of the frame and add any accessories such as lighting, heating or roller screens. We’ll then tell you the price and you can place your order over the phone with one of our friendly team.

Step 1
Select your Colour
DIY Pergola - select color

Our DIY garden pergolas come in two colours, a cool, crisp white and a stylish and on-trend anthracite grey.

Step 2
Would you like to add Lighting?
DIY Pergola - add lighting

Step 3
Would you like to add a Heater?
DIY Pergola - add heater

Investing in integrated LED lighting when buying a DIY garden pergola will ensure that you can continue to make use of your garden or patio well into the evening.

Step 4
Would you like to add a Roller Screen?
DIY Pergola - roller screen

Our roller screens are highly durable and make the perfect windbreaker, being resistant to wind speeds of up to 130km/h. If you are interested in adding roller screens to your new pergola, prices range from £1617 to £2354 depending on the size. Please let us know how many you would like and we will discuss this with you over the phone when placing your order.

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