Broadview Heater

Although summer is coming to an end, pergola season isn’t, thanks to the innovative ways that you can keep warm while using your pergola during the winter.

The Covid-19 pandemic has taught us that there is something cosy about wrapping up warm and sitting under a heater to enjoy a drink with friends – and with the unpredictability of the pandemic still in our minds, who knows whether we’ll be able to have our friends in our homes come November?

Heaters to the rescue

The great thing about Broadview’s DIY pergolas is that our clients have the option to add heaters to their pergola kit package. We offer a range of heaters to suit different budgets and styles – and most clients opt for 2-4 heaters depending on the size of their pergola.

When our clients build their pergola package, they have several heater options to choose from, including exposed infrared heaters and panelled heaters which have the filaments behind a stylish glass screen.

The heaters sit within a frame that can be white, black, or anodised, so they perfectly match your pergola, whether you go for a White frame or an Anthracite Grey frame.

Our heaters are simple enough to attach to the frame, so you shouldn’t have to worry when putting your pergola kit together.

And to help keep heat retained, our clients can opt for screens that either come surface mounted or integrated into the pergola’s metal frame.

For those who prefer the warmth of an open flame, previous customers have chosen to integrate a fire pit area into their pergola garden design.

Broadview are the leading pergola installers in the south

If you like the sound of an outside area that you can use all year round, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team at Broadview. They’ll be able to help you build your perfect pergola package that includes heaters, and screens, and provide advice if you’re having trouble installing your pergola yourself.