DIY Pergola Planning

If you’ve never installed a DIY Pergola before, it may seem slightly daunting to figure out how to put it together without any time-costly errors. The last thing you want is your exciting new purchase to fall flat - literally or figuratively!

Thankfully, at Broadview we know a thing or two about installing pergolas, and have come up with a handy list to help you get through it – with accompanying videos to boot.

Why not read and watch your way through this article, and ensure that you have every base covered when you begin to construct your new DIY Pergola? If you have any further questions, you can of course contact our friendly team via phone and email for advice.


Before you make a purchase, don’t forget to plan out the vision for your pergola! They’re very versatile and can be used in many different configurations, and this will impact how you construct it.


Being prepared means knowing the exact dimensions of your DIY pergola - and the same for the space you have allocated for it to go.


Part of the vision is deciding on which accessories you want to add. There’s a variety of exciting additions you can make to your DIY pergola to make your space feel even more personal and complete.

Planning Permission

Make sure to contact the relevant local authority to ensure your pergola’s configuration isn’t going cause some regulatory friction!


With so many small parts, you never know whether something will disappear. Taking an inventory at the beginning could save you lots of hassle.


Compiling an inventory will not only leave you confident that you have every part, but show you exactly which tools you need to ensure a smooth and comprehensive completion of your DIY pergola.

Halve the workload

Having a friend around to help will not only relieve you of some responsibility, but give you peace of mind that if something goes wrong, they’ll be there to help.

Choose Broadview for your DIY Pergola needs

At Broadview we pride ourselves in our extensive selection of pergola products, from DIY set ups to complex pergola setups that require our installation team’s expertise and knowledge. Thankfully we’re always here to help, and happy to discuss any questions you might have regarding your order. Why not give our friendly team a call on 01202 679012.